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How can you understand Sid? You never understood me.

visually stunning 
↳ Nimrat Kaur 

 One should learn how to live life from you.


Tarari Tarari - Raj Kapoor - Suraiya - Dastan 1950

Madam, this is Bishnu. If you want hot water, then call Bishnu. He will come running with the hot water. “Running hot water” - our Bishnu.


Dreamcast Movie Poster Challenge;

Woh Kaun Thi?

Naina (Sonakshi Sinha) has always been curious about who her mother is, but her father, Neerav (Shahrukh Khan), continuously refuses to tell her. Soon enough, Naina finds a couple of old photos of a young woman and her father, so she sets off on a road trip to find her mother… except there seem to be a few complications – such as finding out that her mother already has a family of her own. Can Naina understand what the truth is, or will she forever be burdened with the notion of being unwanted?


Madhubala in Filmfare Magazine’s November 20, 2013 issue. 


Randeep By Vikas Vasudev

 I would rather be an actress with a personality than a hollow size zero. I don’t want to be a clothes hanger. I am an actress. - Huma Qureshi

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